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Jonathon Miller

M. A., M.Div., holistic philosopher & natural health pioneer

author of the 1978 classic - Nutrition, Health & Harmony: A Handbook of Natural Health

plus numerous additional books, articles and recordings


The Philosophy of Natural Holism

"making it better with creative awareness"

The philosophy of natural holism incorporates the greater wisdom of creative awareness, natural health and human improvement.

The intent is making life better by improving intelligence and well-being, clarifying reality, deepening understanding and expanding creative awareness.

Natural holism dispels falsehood and distress with clear minded observation, holistic analysis and creative action.

Holistic natural living with greater wisdom is an excellent path for resolving many of the challenges of this era. Awareness of multiple dimensions of reality is essential for clearing issues of health, emotional disturbances, misunderstanding and conflict.

This is a time of transformation that we are here now to engage. Changes, distractions and disruptions are occurring and may become more intense.

Examining what is really going on with holistic loving creative awareness, will clear the stress and fear that might arise in the face of life's apparent challenges. Holistic healing is mutually related with holistic loving. Our power of loving serves the whole world.

Understanding reality with the power of loving creative awareness will spark a transformation in consciousness making life better. Every lesson learned or beneficial accomplishment by anyone improves the world. Shared creative awareness, insightful communication with each other, enhances this process.

The awakening greater wisdom of natural holism needs shared widely as we express our loving kindness and caring for each other in this challenging time. Restoring natural health and natural law, critical examination of thoughts and deeds, clarification of reality and growth in loving creative awareness, insight and understanding, all this serves the purpose of greater wisdom.

Now is the time to understand and move with purpose.


The Challenge:

The Technocratic Interlocking Corporate Kingdom

Powerful vested interests in high positions have a longstanding plan to consolidate control of all people and nations through reducing intelligence, undermining health, creating false realities and perpetrating financial and legal manipulation, debt, staged crises, social chaos, war and depopulation.

Their long term goal has been full spectrum global governance under a high tech oligarchy. They have developed secret plans, employed complicit agents and utilized secret weapons to pursue this goal.

A pyramidal bureaucratic tyranny has been implemented gradually over decades. The planners behind this are using "psyence": deception, hypnosis, mind control programming, public poisons, terror and war events, weather manipulation, earth changes, surveillance and sophisticated technology.

More and more people are awakening to awareness of this manipulation in this crucial era in human history. It is time for us to choose to help each other prepare and overcome this challenge of our lifetime.

We were born to experience this situation, to develop and expand our wisdom individually and as a community, and to participate in the mission to transform this world for good.

We need to develop strong community relationships through small support groups working together to learn, plan and prepare for making it better. It is especially critical to stop the dissemination of public poisons and clean up our environment, from home to planet.

You are invited to get a full grasp on the urgent situation we are in on this planet and ways of protecting ourselves and improving matters. Please refer others to learn about this critical information.


Holistic Analysis of Societal Problems


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The Principles of Natural Health

"Most health problems are due to the one underlying dis-ease, distress of the organism. The causes are tension, toxicity and inadequate nutrition. With natural living, minimizing stress and toxins, illness can be reduced or eliminated. The principles of natural health are detoxification, life supportive nourishment, relaxation of tension, good sleep and exercise, with help from super foods, herbs, and other natural health aids.

"Detoxify, nourish, relax and exercise. These principles of natural health are greater wisdom for being really well, and an important aspect of the philosophy of natural holism."

-- Jonathon Miller


Jon has pursued a spiritual understanding of human life and consciousness from early in life. He has studied the wisdom teachings, traditions and literature of all the ages; and he has been privileged to meet and learn from a variety of consciousness explorers and spiritual teachers from around the world.


Holistic Reality Radio

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holistic practitioner ~ natural health pioneer

Natural Health and Greater Wisdom for Being Really Well

"The deeper you dig and the higher you climb, the more you will learn." - Jonathon Miller


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