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 The Wisdom of Holistic Reality

The Holistic Philosophy of  Life Improvement

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Holistic reality philosophy considers the whole as greater than just the sum of the parts. In analyzing all the components that can be perceived of this manifestation in which we exist, holistic reality philosophy seeks to understand the whole big picture, truth and the implications.

With this greater knowledge, creative awareness may generate a movement for improvement.

This philosophy incorporates the greater wisdom of multi-dimensional improvement of life with natural health, clear perception, creative awareness, goodness and holistic loving.

The intention is making life better by improving intelligence and well-being, clarifying reality, deepening understanding and expanding creative awareness.

Holistic reality dispels falsehood and distress with clear minded observation, holistic analysis and creative action.

Holistic natural living with greater wisdom is an excellent path for resolving many of the challenges of this era. Awareness of multiple dimensions of reality is essential for clearing issues of health, emotional disturbances, misunderstanding and conflict.

The consensus reality of four dimensions, of space (length, width, height/depth) and time, is the plane of our physical, mental and emotional expression. 

Disturbance, disaster, distress and despair are temporary aspects of experience in this reality that serve development of conscious awareness. Self-awareness is greater than these experiences; it is multi-dimensional.

The brain is not the thinker. It receives thought and transmits it into expression. The demise of the body and brain does not end awareness, thinking or experience, just the expression in this dimension. Self-awareness or soul-mind continues in other dimensions of experience and expression.  "The body is a garment for the soul."

This is a time of transformation that we are here now in this plane of existence to engage. Changes, distractions and disruptions are occurring and may become more intense. Fear, anger, sadness and depression interfere with clarity of consciousness.

Examining what is really going on with creative awareness and holistic loving, will clear the stress and fear that might arise in the face of life's apparent challenges.

Understanding reality with creative awareness and the power of loving will spark a transformation in consciousness making life better for all. Holistic healing is mutually related with holistic loving. Our power of loving serves the whole world.

Every lesson learned or beneficial accomplishment by anyone improves the world. Shared creative awareness, insightful communication with each other, enhances this process.

The awakening greater wisdom of holistic reality needs shared widely as we express our loving kindness and caring for each other in this challenging time.

Restoring natural health and natural law, critical examination of thoughts and deeds, clarification of reality and growth in creative awareness, insight, loving and understanding, all this serves the purpose of greater wisdom.

Now is the time to understand and move with purpose.


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Holistic Reality ~ The Philosophy of Life Improvement


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The Principles of Holistic Natural Health Wellness

"Most health problems are due to the one underlying dis-ease, distress of the organism. The causes are toxicity, nutritional deficiency, inadequate exercise and stress. With natural living, minimizing stress and toxins, illness can be reduced or eliminated.

The principles of natural health are detoxification, life supportive nourishment, exercise and relaxation of tension, including good sleep and spiritual attunement. With help from super foods, herbs, and other natural health aids, good health can be restored.

"Detoxify, nourish, exercise and relax. These principles of natural health wellness are greater wisdom for being really well, and an important aspect of the philosophy of holistic reality."

-- Jon David Miller


Jon has pursued a deeper understanding of human life and consciousness from early in life. He has studied the wisdom teachings, traditions and literature of all the ages, and he has been privileged to meet and learn from a variety of consciousness explorers and spiritual teachers from around the world.


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